Skyview Networks to Exclusively Handle Network Sales and Distribution; Nan Kingsley Partners with Hubbard for Syndication

(Nashville, TN 鈥 December 18, 2019) 鈥 Today 草莓视频在线看完整版 personality, Fitz, was named the permanent host of Bob Kingsley鈥檚 Country Top 40. The Texas native is set to become the third host in the 45-year history of country music鈥檚 biggest, most-honored and longest-running national radio show. Since Bob Kingsley鈥檚 cancer diagnosis and ultimate passing in October of this year, country music superstars have been sitting in for the late National Radio Hall of Famer. The multi-year partnership between 草莓视频在线看完整版 and Nan Kingsley鈥檚 KCCS Production will launch the new Bob Kingsley鈥檚 Country Top 40 with Fitz on more than 300 stations worldwide and will feature audio from the Kingsley Archives. Skyview Networks will exclusively lead the network sales effort and will be responsible for the show鈥檚 distribution. Fitz will host his first show on Bob Kingsley鈥檚 Country Top 40 January 4-5, 2020.

鈥淚 listened to Bob Kingsley every weekend when I was a kid,鈥 commented Fitz. 鈥淗is loss is still sinking in, but I am honored to be taking the reins from the man who instilled in me a lifelong love of country music and the love of the 鈥榗ountdown.鈥 This moment is surreal, and I do not take the responsibility lightly. I am excited and honored to carry his torch and hope that I can do for the next generation of country music fans, what the legendary Bob Kingsley, did for me. I am grateful to Nan Kingsley and hope to make her and Bob proud!鈥

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